Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Home design information and consultation

If you've arrived at this blog in search of the wonderful contemporary home my wife and I designed and built in Georgia, welcome! If you've arrived here looking for DIY Nelson Bench tips, go away... Just kidding, go here.

I have been contacted by many people asking about the house design, my experience building it and plans.

If you are interested in talking about this design, if you would like to build your own version or would like some input on designing a different house (hopefully modern/contemporary!) please contact me at this address. I can provide floor plans, elevations, 3d models and input on passive design and energy saving features.

 If you are interested, check out my mid century modern furniture business Trystcraft . I find, restore, refinish (no chalk paint!) and repair mid century modern furniture and ship it worldwide.

If you came here looking for information on Kokoon Homes, Kokoon homes reviews or Kokoon homes complaints, I would strongly advise you to not work with them. Their unprofessionalism and inability to deliver as promised caused us unnecessary stress, delays and extra costs to rectify errors they made. They continue to be unprofessional by using photos and content from this blog without my permission or the rights to do so. That's just typical of how they operate.  

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